Download QIRX Software Defined Radio

QIRX is 64-Bit software, based on TCP/IP raw data. For its operation the proper TCP/IP server is necessary able to interface to the used hardware. They are available here for download. The Version History is listed separately. Only the latest versions are downloadable here. For older versions, please contact me via email.

TCP/IP Servers

Please note that these downloads - containing the sources - are NOT necessary to run QIRX, as it contains all binaries.

  • The sources of the rtl_tcp and airspy_tcp are available on GitHub.
    For the rtl_tcp sources, you might visit Oldenburger's GitHub site.
    For the airspy_tcp sources, you might visit this GitHub site,
  • RSP3_tcp. Sources available on Github.
    • For the RSP driver to work, sdrplay's service must have been installed.
    • RSP2_tcp is no longer supported.

QIRX V3.2.2

Important Remark: Before installing this version, un-install manually any old version on your machine.
Otherwise some weird errors could appear, which are probably due to the working of the current installer.
Credit for tracking down this behavior is to andimik, who reported it in the corresponding thread.

The download consists of a single installer file QIRX322_Setup.msi, containing the following products:
  • QIRX 3.2.2
    • qirx.exe "Single File Executable". It runs under the .net6-windows environment. It contains all system files of the .net6 system and all application files and DLL's, packed in one file of about 150MByte.
      With "Single File Executables" no installation of the .net6 system is necessary.
    • Resources.dll, containing the basic, GUI-independent part of QIRX.
    • dabTII.dll for DAB TII recognition.
  • qirx_audio, .net6 V2.2, for AAC audio output. If the folder is omitted, qirx will work but without AAC audio. The qirx_audio project (GPL license) is available on Github.
  • RSP3_tcp V0.3.3
  • rtl_tcp V0.9.6.3 with gain indication, bandwidth control and BiasT, Sideband suppression calibration
  • airspy_tcp V0.14 with BiasT
  • Licenses
SHA1: b78ee3ac58c6598539fb545070850d04aa8d65b0

Performance Remark:
Heiko Vogel optimized the code of the included Viterbi.dll such that the resulting symbol time went down by 30% or even more. This lot means that QIRX might also be able to run on slower machines where before they were too slow. Sadly, this DLL cannot be included in this download, due to licensing reasons, as it uses the GPL-licensed SPIRAL SSE2 code. You might wish to download it from his GitHub repository. You can also follow the discussion in the corresponding thread (in German). Give it a try. It works!


QIRX Console Version 0.9.3

The Windows Installer QIRX093_Setup.msi contains the same products as the Linux console version. The functionality of the appropriate Linux script files is contained in .bat files.
SHA-1: 3ae0f8dab61aebbe4e15ca4c103609c84eb86cf2


Linux QIRX Console Version 0.9.3

The download file QIRX_Linux_093.7z contains the following products:

  • QIRX Console "Single File Executable", based on QIRX 3.2.1 with reduced functionality.
  • Resources.dll, QIRX Kernel , binary identical with the Windows version.
  • dabTII.dll for DAB TII recognition.
  • qirx_audio, .net6 version 2.2
  • rtl_tcp, Linux version
  • Necessary C DLLs, Linux versions.
  • Scripts for installation and program start.
  • Scripts for demonstrations of the command-line feature.
  • Licenses
SHA-1: 79a54097abf0d29443ce05b653b416659447ed01

It is NOT necessary to install the .net6 system on Linux, as the binaries in the download package are self-contained, bringing the .net system with them.
For Installation and first steps, look here .


Linux Version DAB-Only (based on the deprecated V1.0.0.4)

It contains the following items:

  • Sources, as a single Monodevelop solution
  • Common Code sources, identical to the Windows software
  • Pre-compiled .NET Binaries (in the "Release" directory)
  • Sources of the necessary Shared Libraries (except fftw)
  • Pre-compiled Shared Libraries
  • Shell script to compile and distribute the necessary Shared Libraries (except fftw)
  • dabTII.dll for DAB TII recognition (separate license)
  • Documentation and DAB+ Samples are not included
MD5: e662fb2b76a72393bf8ad537ec009931


Add-Ons for Linux V1.0.0.4

It contains the following products:

  • rsp_tcp_CodeLite
  • A Linux version to produce the RSP2_tcp I/Q data server. It can be used to produce the product in the CodeLite IDE IDE. Tested on Debian 9.
  • QIRX_RemoteIQServerStarter.
  • It contains the Mono version of the "StubForRemoteStart" together with the RSP2_tcp binary.
MD5: 06cb4905e9a2eb4a713e986137fcc889


QIRX DAB-Database V1.3 (with "Microsoft redistributable driver")

It contains the following products:

  • qirxDAB.xlsx Transmitter Database. This (outdated) database file is no longer necessary, as it can be rebuilt by the "Update DB" QIRX feature.
  • AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable" Installer. It has a size of almost 28MB.
  • License, Readme
MD5: efa836f7437f8d7c730f50ce39445432


StubForRemoteStart Installer

It contains the "SetupRemoteStub.msi" installer for a remotely located listener able to start the I/Q data servers rtl_tcp.exe, airspy_tcp.exe or RSP2_tcp.exe via the network.
MD5: 76a4260c6a8b20137be32fb6f02f21ca



It contains the following items:

  • Three DAB+ samples of classical music recorded with QIRX. The samples are recordings from "Hessischer Rundfunk", Ensemble 7B "hr Radio", Service hr2. This service is distributed with the highest DAB+ bitrate of 144 kbps. The samples are downloadable with kind permission of Hessischer Rundfunk.

MD5: 944d64f67612d61180567cb4fb6b0137

Raw data samples recorded with QIRX are available, however not downloadable, due to their size. One second produces about 4MB of raw data. If you need samples, e.g. for DAB experiments, send us an email.


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