Get your QIRX Private License, Step-by-Step

Please notice the following instructions how to proceed to obtain your QIRX V4 license.

  • Name and email address: Enter them into the form below.
  • Two different license types: There are two different license types, "Demo" and "Full". Please make your choice.
    With a "Demo" license key, QIRX V4 will work unrestricted for a time span of 15 days, starting with the "Submit" request. During this time you have the opportunity to decide if QIRX suits your needs. After this time, QIRX will stop working.
    With a "Full" license key, QIRX V4 will work timely unrestricted. Please consult the license agreement for further conditions.
  • License, no refund: Click the checkbox as confirmation that you read and understood the license and "no refund" agreement.
  • Submit: Click the "Submit" button: a license key according to your choice is created and sent to you via the email address you entered: For a "Demo" request, the license key allows for a time-limited (15 days) use of QIRX, for a "Full" request, a timely unlimited license key is sent to you in case your payment had been made.
  • Two license keys: For each of both license types, you can download two license keys, to be installed on different machines.
  • Start QIRX V4: If -after installation and the first start - no valid license key is found (normal after having just received it per email), the "About" Box is opened automatically, giving you the opportunity to enter your license key (demo or full). Enter the license key and Click "Save".
  • You decide: If you decide to continue the use of QIRX after the 15 "Demo" days, please transfer the amount of 20 Euro into the bank account whose details are contained in the email sent to you. Please do not forget to enter the reference code from the email in the transfer details.
    Please note that there cannot be a money refund if you later decide that your purchase was a wrong decision.
  • After your payment: As soon as the payment arrives, you will have the possibility to download two "Full" license keys.
    After having made a payment, please allow me about 24hrs to enable the "Full" license key download for you.
  • With a "Full" license: In QIRX, replace your "Demo" license key by that one, in the following way:
    • Open the "About" dialog: Click on the large 'i' in the top bar.
    • Click 'Edit': The program tries to read the current license key from the config file.
    • Replace the content of the 'Key' field with your new license key.
    • Click 'Save': The entered key is stored in the config file.
    • Click 'Ok': You are leaving the dialog.
    • Restart QIRX. A permanent license key should work now.
  • A friendly request: Please read the license conditions carefully. Please note that the license for QIRX V4 differs from earlier licenses.
    Only make a payment if you fully understood the license conditions and if you are satisfied with the product.
    To read the license conditions, please Click here.

Request your License Key

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