QIRX is a Digital Radio Receiver.

Although still available as multimode software in a prior version, the success of QIRX is founded on its pace-setting new features for a Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB+) receiver. Both versions are here for download. QIRX is running as a 64-bit application on the Windows Operating System, and with reduced functionality also on Linux. It supports RTL-SDR dongles, Airspy and sdrplay hardware, all across TCP/IP network connections.



If you are new to QIRX, learn how to get it up and running quickly.


Get some highlights of QIRX and an introduction of how it works.


Get information about the product's features in some more detail.


Get an impression how QIRX evolved from its beginning.


Wish to calibrate your RTL-SDR, or resolve TII Collisions? These tuts are for you.

Reports, Documentation

Phase Coherence, the QIRX port to Linux/Mono, and some Documentation.

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