QIRX Features

V3.2.3: free

V4: free demo, time limited

Server Features V3.2.3 V4
Streaming of IQ data (V4.1.1) No Multiple clients connectable
Receiver Frontend: General V3.2.3 V4
Number of simultaneous hardware connections 3 (one DAB demodulator) 3 (one DAB demodulator)
Hardware Support Airspy, RTL-SDR, RSPs Airspy, RTL-SDR, RTL-SDR.com V4 (in V4.1.3), RSPs
Connection to hardware driver TCP/IP only (no direct USB) TCP/IP only (no direct USB)
Remote Frontend, manual or automatic Yes Yes
Three same or different HW receivers, mixed local-remote Yes Yes
Frequency Calibration (DAB xmitter as the reference) Yes Yes
Calibrated Magnitudes (dBm, dBuV) RTL-SDR, RSPs RTL-SDR, RSPs
Software bandpass filter, GUI-selectable Yes Yes
Bias-T (where HW supported) Yes Yes
Bias-T auto-off (where HW supported, V4.0.5) No Bias-T is switched off before stopping
Gain automatic (AGC), manual Yes Yes
Level Indicator (V4.1.1) No WFM: SNR, Power; DAB: Power
Maximum Spectrum, (V4.0.8) No Yes
Remote Control of Signal Generator, (V4.0.8) No Available on request. Agilent protocol subset via Virtual COM port.
Receiver Frontend: Tuner, Driver supported V3.2.3 V4
Tuner bandpass filter RTL-SDR, RSPs RTl-SDR, RSPs
Gain indication from hardware driver RTL-SDR, RSPs RTL-SDR, RSPs
Overload indication from hardware driver RSPs RTL-SDR, RSPs
Fully automatic AGC RTL-SDR RTL-SDR
Hardware register editor RTL-SDR RTL-SDR
Hardware IF sideband selector RTL-SDR RTL-SDR
Driver Selection (Settings, V4.0.8) No RTL-SDR
Notch Filter for DAB and WFM (V4.0.9) No RSP's
Receiver Frontend: Raw Files V3.2.3 V4
Raw file recorder (arbitary large files) Yes Yes
Raw file player (arbitary large files) Yes Yes
GNSS support on recording and replay Yes Yes
Raw file player: timeline, seekable, pausable Yes Yes
Raw file recorder/player: XML header Yes Yes
Raw file recorder/player: ensemble change on DAB processed Coordinated with DAB GUI Coordinated with DAB GUI
Raw file player: Fast Forward (V4.1.1) No Factor 2, 4, 8 (No demodulator)
Demodulators (without DAB) V3.2.3 V4
Stereo Decoder WFM WFM
Deemphasis NFM, WFM NFM, WFM
RDS decoding (V4.1.1) No PI-Code, Station name
AM Airband: Channels with standby flip-switch Yes Yes
AM Airband: Correct 8.33kHz handling Yes Yes
Maximum Spectrum for Audio (V4.0.9) No yes
ADS-B filter No Altitude, ft/min, distance, heading, velocity
ADS-B: Squawk (V4.0.4) No Yes
ADS-B: Ground movement When in range When in range
DAB: Overview V3.2.3 V4
Decoding Sensitivity Good Excellent
TII Decoding Yes Yes
Map Display Yes Yes
SPI Decoding, parallel with audio Yes Yes, including EPG
Ensemble Overview (GUI table) Yes Enhanced Features (V4.1.3)
Slideshow, Dynamic Label Yes Slideshow Pictures saveable (V4.0.8)
Scanner (GUI configurable) Yes Yes
Various Spectra Yes Yes
DAB: Frequency Control V3.2.3 V4
Frequency: Coarse deviation allowed (GUI indication) < 30kHz < 30kHz
Frequency: Fine freq. accuracy (GUI indication, selection) < 1Hz < 1Hz
Frequency: Hardware calibration (GUI command, 1ppb V4.0.7) 1/100 ppm 1/1000 ppm = 1 ppb (for the SDRplay devices)
Frequency: Hardware calibration automatic (V4.0.6) No Accuracy better than 10Hz (RTL-SDR dongles), better 1Hz (SDRplay devices)
Frequency: Sampling freq. error correction (GUI manual / auto) Yes Yes
DAB: Audio V3.2.3 V4
DAB, DAB+ (AAC decoding in separate app: qirx_audio) Yes Yes
Recorder: WAV, AAC Yes Yes
Mute Yes Yes
Volume control No Planned
Spectrum Yes Yes
DAB: TII V3.2.3 V4
TII decoding: All TIIs in range of an ensemble Yes Yes
TII decoding: Correlation with CIR (GUI in CIR spectrum) Yes Yes
TII: Display on the map Yes Yes
TII: List on the GUI (V4.1.3 with transmitter names) Yes Yes, including TII transmitter names
TII recording: Manual, automatic when scanning Yes Yes
TII transmitter locations: Ofcom (UK), DABLIST (all except UK) Yes Yes
TII UK transmitter locations selection: DABLIST or Ofcom (V4.0.3) No Yes
TII detection profiles (GUI selectable) Adjustable averaging Adjustable averaging
TII collision resolution (GUI supported) Yes Yes
TII threshold automatic(V4.0.4) No Yes
TII Phase-based detection(V4.0.7) No Yes, but experimental
DAB: SPI (Logos, EPG) V3.2.3 V4
Logo decoding (GUI: display next to service label) Yes Yes
The same logo more than once in a multiplex allowed (V4.1.3) No Yes
Large logos No Displayed next to Dynamic Label (V4.0.6)
Inter-Mux logos (V4.0.5) No Logos for services not contained in the collecting mux
EPG: Electronic Program Guide No Where available (e.g. BBC, DLF)
Visual Indication of an ongoing collection (V4.0.6) No Yes, blinking lamps
DAB: Measurements V3.2.3 V4
FIC ok % Yes Yes
Audio ok % Yes Yes
Null Symbol ok Yes Yes
Symbol Time Yes Yes
Frame Time Yes Yes
CNR: Carrier to Noise ratio (V4.0.3) No Yes
BER: Bit Error Ratio for FIC, MSC, RS (V4.0.3) No Yes
MER: Modulation Error Ratio (V4.0.3) No Yes
Bitrate: Pre-Viterbi (V4.2.2) No Indication in Mux Overview table
Bitrate: Post-Viterbi (V4.2.2) No Indication in Mux Overview table
Bitrate: AAC stream inc. XPad (V4.2.2) No Indication in AAC tab
Bitrate: XPad (V4.2.2) No Indication in AAC tab
DAB: Recorders V3.2.3 V4
Controllable from separate tab (V4.0.3) No Yes, incl. Raw Recorder
Audio Recorder Yes, WAV or AAC (no LATM/LOAS) Yes, WAV or AAC (LATM/LOAS for correct pitch)
TII Recorder (auto-on when scanning) Yes Yes
GNSS Recorder (auto-on when Raw Recording) Yes Yes, but only when GNSS sensor available
PPP-RTK-AdV Recorder (ensemble 5C Germany) (V4.0.3) No Yes
DAB: Database Browser (separate tab V4.2.1) V3.2.3 V4
Results visible on the map No Yes
Search criteria No Country, Block, EId, Main Id, Sub Id
Text search No Ensemble name, site name
DAB: Spectra V3.2.3 V4
Constellation: Linear, I/Q Yes Yes
CIR with TII indication and error bars Yes Yes
CIR with TII indication, higher sensitivity (V4.0.6) No Yes, but still experimental
CIR x-axis as Samples, Distance or Time Yes Yes
TII: TIIs selectable in the table Yes Yes
TII: High resolution spectrum for carrier pairs display Yes Yes
Time Domain: Magnitude of I-Data, sync-able with Null Symbol Yes Yes
Time Domain: Time shift up to several 100ms Yes Yes
Audio spectrum Yes Yes
GUI: General V3.2.3 V4
All parts resizeable Yes Yes
Most GUI settings are persisted Yes Yes
Settings no longer disabled when receiver active (V4.0.4) No Yes
Docking / floating windows support No Receiver, Map, and DAB items
Layout Save and Restore commands No Yes
Layout Reset command No Yes
Table Sorting (V4.1.1) Partly Columns sorted correctly; Sorting Indication; Realtime Update
"Rx active" indication in its receiver tab (V4.0.4) No Yes
GUI: Frontend V3.2.3 V4
Device Frequency selection numerical Yes Yes
VFO Frequency numerical selection (mouse wheel) Yes Yes
VFO Frequency by click into spectrum Yes Yes
Waterfall, timeline selectable Yes Yes
RF spectrum calibrated (dBuV, dBm) (V4.0.4) No RTL-SDR, RSPs
FFT length 4,096 ... 2Mio 4,096 ... 2Mio
FFT window incl. Flattop incl. Flattop
GUI: Demodulators (without DAB) V3.2.3 V4
VFO Frequency raster Yes Yes
Graphical bandwidth indication and numerical selection Yes Yes
WFM: Stereo selector and indication Yes Yes
WFM: MPX spectrum Yes Yes
WFM: RDS PI-Code, Station Name (V4.1.1) No Yes
Squelch Yes Yes
Audio spectrum, zoomable (zoom point selection) Yes Yes
Audio spectrum, raw or filtered display Yes Yes
GUI: Map V3.2.3 V4
Auto-reload of map image tiles Yes Yes
Zoom, Pan, Dim Yes Yes
Own position, moveable by drag'n drop Yes Yes
Center at own position option (i.e. moving map when mobile) Yes Yes
Center at own position automatically on GNSS connected (V4.0.3) No Yes
DAB: Display all detected or all present TIIs of a multiplex Yes Yes
DAB: Display results of database browser query No Yes
Range rings, km or nautical miles No Yes
ADS-B: Permanent indication of flight id No Yes
ADS-B: Filter, syncronized with table filter No Altitude, ft/min, distance, heading, velocity
ADS-B: Altitude color bar No Yes, in feet
GNSS V3.2.3 V4
Automatic recognition on startup (Virtual COM port) Yes Yes
Display of raw NMEA sentences Yes Yes
Automatic display of own position on the map Yes Yes
Raw recording: Own position continuously stored Yes Yes
Raw replay: Continuous display of own position Yes Yes

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